See Pain as Growth, Opportunity & Your Most Intimate Companion of Spiritual Evolution

Pain sucks. Whether it stems from action or inaction on your part, a wisdom tooth growing in, or an eternal betrayal by a loved one. Pain is, well, painful. So the shift taken to see pain as a welcome reminder, an (at times) ever present challenge brings us a great lesson in acceptance, and growth. Not to mention, tolerance. These traits are the seeds for our spiritual advancement, and I will tell you why and how to capitalize on pain to recognize the opportunity therein below. 

Firstly, when we are feeling in a state of pain the first recourse we have is being in a state of accountability for that pain. As odd as it may seem, on a spiritual level the pain was invited as per your lesson needed to learn. There is a healthy way of self accountability vs. self loathing, depression and destruction. I am encouraging the healthy way here (*I often would relate double jeopardy principles when I was confronted with pain in my past. Only judging myself ONCE for it, and then going to penance which we will get to below) So allow for the space of accountability to lessen the burden of the pain and shift the balance to one of empowerment. Afterall, if you are experiencing pain, and you invited it, well you are the one who can hasten through the process of realization in order to alleviate the pain. 

Secondly, Acceptance and Unearthing the deep why of the pain. It is there for a reason. Only you can know. Yes clearly it behooves you to incorporate spirituality into your life so you can intuitively tune into the why perhaps more readily, but the pain finds you where you are, so the pain has met you on your journey. Accept that. Be honest with yourself. Were you blindsided by the pain? Were preventive measures possible but not considered or acted upon? Were you loving something outside of yourself more than yourself, and divinity? Were you associating something outer with your inner most intrinsic value? Accept the reason for the pain. Understand the lesson you can draw from it at your present state of consciousness. And commit to deepening your spiritual journey to increase intuition and guidance i.e. to catch the pain (or the lesson) earlier on, to encourage more advanced interactions with yourself as other, to embody your physical body, with your spiritual-ness. 

Thirdly, The process of action. The active state of reckoning. The healing potion. The place where you lick you wounds, and you pledge to 'never again' be so unconscious. The place of transformation. Because through the pain there is always peace. Through the struggle there is always the growth. And through your awareness, the inner obstacles dissipate and action from a place of deliverance take stem. Deliverance from the painful associations with your past, and present, and free will to create your future. 

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