Why it is Important to Monitor Your Emotions... 

It is important to identify underlying feelings because doing so is the difference between living a life of liberation vs living a life of serfdom. Because the snow ball effect is so enormous that self awareness can singlehandedly - if no other personal development tactics are being implemented - change the control you feel in your life. Because when emotions spiral out of controlyou find yourself meeting current challenges unevenly (i.e. overreact), your reactions may not meet the circumstances. 

Here are suggestions on peeling back layers of unconsciousness, to getting to the root of your feeling of un-ease. 

1) Allow yourself to be vulnerable to yourself. Allow and accept your shortcomings, but bring into that awareness the deeper truth that no thing, person, idea, association, victory or failure defines your worth. Create a state of openness with your feelings, to yourself. You are worthy of feeling. Express them in ways suitable to your comfort level- write, draw, meditate on them.

2) Understand that you were wronged, and you have wronged. One does not exist without the other. To spare you of spiritual syllogymisms, all I need to say is that a tool in understanding an emotion, is remembering instances when we: A) perpetuated the emotional assault (or the opposite of the dis-empowering feeling i.e. subjugation vs. overpowering) and B) were 'victimized' by it.

3) Break away the emotion from the stigma associated with feeling an emotion such as shame or weakness or attempts at control. So what you feel weak or guilty or whatever it may be. It is just a feeling resulting from an emotion. Don't overvalue its power, but neither underestimate its ability to transform your perspective for the better. 

4) Forgive Yourself and Others and see the opportunity for growth and moving in and up. See beyond the feelings, to the root. Understand growth is often painful until its not. And commit to the journey within, the end of suffering and peace irrespective of external conditions, associations, expectations, victories or defeats. 


Caitlin Hayes is a poetattorneyconsultant and free thinker. Her spiritual blog articles can be found at www.spiritualizeyourself.com

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