Confidence or Cowardice: Your Choice

My mother, like many of us, battled with her self worth. I remember the heavy burden it felt on me. The 'do as I say, not as I do'. The dichotomy of wanting to encourage me to soar to great heights, and the limitation of her not believing she was worthy of such for herself. For as I am, I pave for others. 

Now as an adult, and at this stage of my life, I am ready to confront this tragedy of our human condition. Too often, confidence is masked as hubris or unhealthy self aggrandizement. The depth of confidence at its core, is belief that 

1) You have a purpose in your life

2) You have all you need to fulfill it. 

In considering these two things, we can see that both of these are conditional in believing that we are worthy (grand enough/ special enough/ skilled enough, etc) of having a life purpose, and with capacity and tools to live in fulfillment of that purpose.

The idea of leaping into faith springs to mind. For to take the first step in appreciating that indeed there is a deep spiritual purpose to your life for the cosmos at large (and developing it) takes the type of healthy confidence we need to live honorable, fulfilled lives. To not do so, is to live in a state of cowardice, usually accompanied by judgments of others, self deprecating behaviors, unhealthy patterns. And always the deep want for more, the yearning for fulfillment and the disappointment of regret. 

To be confident to know that there is a purpose to your day, to your life, to your goals, and to you existence is what oftentimes disconnects us enough from mind chatter to be in the active state of purpose. To live in that state of purpose with confidence that you are capable of fulfilling it. This is the choice we make in our moment forevermore. It is the choice we make in planning our strategies and the beckoning we hear in our inspiration. To live confidently, passionately and on purpose. 


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