To Cope With Suffering, Means to Acknowledge the Divine

When considering pains, suffering and atrocities being committed on a local or international level it necessitates comprehending spiritual truths, divine connection and an overall dis-identification with our physical selves as the main reference to our existence. 

This can be done for a few reasons* in a multitude of ways.

Here are 4 recommendations here:

1) Meditation: Though it seems redundant to hear from a non practitioners perspective, it is the single most powerful tool one has in connectingwith ones source, dis identifying with ones physical ailments and 'problems' and gaining clarity, insight and direction (i.e. intuitive guidance) in their waking lives. Here is a meditation I recorded on my radio show that can guide you to understanding the power of meditation. 


2) Taking time to think through life and death. Whether immediately confronted with it either in your 'waking' life, or not, consider the process of transitioning through life and death. Consider the process of being born and dying. Release the fallacy of death as the end and embrace the potentiality that death is another re-birth into something else, that the depth of your existence remains for eternity. 

3) Challenge your blocks to the unknown. How do you react when confronted with a spiritual story, a near death experience, or a fateful tale of a haunted home. Where did the impossible stem from? In the quiet of your heart and mind imagine that indeed all things are possible, and break free from stifled perceptions and reactions. Listen to things objectively.

4) Observe the miracle of nature. The pure magic of blossoming flowers or cavorting animals. Get lost in the beauty of it all, and begin sensing the peace and flow as an internal experience, as much as an external.

*Reasons to go within range from sometimes dramatic, and other times subtle. When faced with a deep sense of confusion with understanding atrocities or violent behavior, or when dealing with a doldrum of constant mal-ease. 





Go ahead, let your heart breathe. 

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