Supporting Evolutionary Societies

Where we  have traditions, we have standards. Where we have standards we have deviations. Always is the case. And those deviations are the cause for ridicule, judgement and fear of upending that which we hold so dear - cultural mores. 

The linchpin of any organized society is in the maintenance of certain common expectations and behaviors, but the ideals of advancement may at times conflict. It is in that nexus of comfort and change that the idea of an advancement is born. And for those courageous enough to materialize the idea, well the right of passage is upon them.  

For one of the truest testaments that one is on the journey as a visionary, a successful business dreamer, a maverick, or future billionaire  is that of the commotion that the naysayers interject. Those that may defer to fanciful storytelling in the form of a sitcom,  feel threatened by the challenge of such deviations, expansions and ultimately the potential advancements that such visions could create for society at large. The naysayer is the most comfortable in the sameness, in the criticism and in the loneliness of lack of notable creation. In the burrows of social media and the monotony of the 9-5.

Which is, in short, the fear of evolutionary advancement. Such challenges to the status quo, to rethinking an approach, or a solution or a alternative manner of operating invokes severe apprehension in the solidity of the ground by which some walk. This inherited fallacy of evolution being that of sameness as our parents, is disregarded in the natural selection of evolution as penned by Darwin.  If a species doesn't advance, it will regress, all variables aside. 

So this holiday season consider giving someone the space for dreaming - consider understanding your trepidation in believing in ones dreams of grandeur may be one of just disbelief in your own ability to soar, or in the identification you hold so dear. 

Let not the fear of the unknown dictate your ability to applaud or encourage another's desire for more, for better and for simpler.  Holding the space of creation, excitement, newness, temperance, faith and hope for those that still dare to dream. Or become that dreamer yourself. Either way let this holiday season be a season of advancement for all. For as we hold onto this space we support the evolution of productive creation on this world instead of destruction, love and peace versus contention and a busy, happy, fulfilled, advancing human species. Imagine that? 

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