Intuition, Guidance and Decision Making

 How do you make decisions? Do you use your gut, basic instinct? Do you make pros and cons lists? Do you weigh out the strategies and then take a leap? Or do you let decisions happen to you, watching the clock tick and the non-action to be a decision itself? 

Living a purposeful life includes living a life full of intention, and purposeful decisions to be made. So how then can we align our life with decisions that have purpose, how can we alter the current experience, and current gambit of decisions, in order that we may bring our fulfillment to the forefront of our experience and be faced with better, more fulfilling decisions. 

Get clear: Dig Deep. What are the prods and pushes around you. What makes you excited, passionate and come alive? Where are the usual serendipitous causal masterpieces in your life? Take note of the glaring truth and your life calling.

Intuition: Believe You Have it & Can Develop it More. Take a deep breath right now. Close your eyes and take another deep breath. Bring ease and peace into your next breath. Feel still and silent and listen to the possibilities within you. Not necessarily the chatter, ideas, or thoughts of your mind, but rather the prompt satisfaction that exists in residing in the moment. The possibility of inner peace. In this space of clarity feel a connection to the support all around you, intuition should be manifested as your highest intentional self, thus clearing away unwanted habits, behavior and destructive people is of paramount importance. 

Allow and Release. Repeat. Allow and Release. Living a life on purpose also means allowing things that do not serve you to coexist with that. Live uncomfortably with the unknowing, with other peoples decisions and consequences there of, be at one with existing, not with the circumstances surrounding your existence and release the blockages, limitations and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Cleanse. Intend to Cleanse,  cleanse your closets, desks and mind, and cleanse your spirit from lessons learned, and objectivities mastered.

Guides & Guidance. Imagine you are being guided and higher expressions of yourself, and Divinity, are supporting your evolution. Imagine you are not alone in this world on a spiritual plane. That answers and paths for evolution are accessible at your will, and at your willingness to listen.

What if you were advised, with complete certainty, that all decisions you can ever make can be made simply by going within, posing the question, gaining silence in your mind, and allowing for reception. Would you miss your list making and trouble shooting and strategy sessions? Would you cling to the possibility of making the wrong decision? Or would you fall into this notion of peace and ease?

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