Value of our Lives, All of Our Lives

With the viral photo of that poor baby who drowned whilst seeking refuge haunts each person who views it, perhaps a way for us to cope with the overwhelming emotions, confusion and the disbelief is to literally spiritualize ourselves, our perspective and point of reference for global politics, inequities and overall non justices that are prevalent everywhere and within all of us.

There is a controversial perspective that I have learned to espouse which states that all suffering we experience is derived from lack of acceptance, resistance to what is and denial of connectivity of all things, and by extension connectivity to Divine.

As a result of many years as a student of international politics, human rights violations and humanitarian warfare (or lack thereof), I became the suffering.

Through the depth of focusing on the suffering of the world, I simultaneously was suffering on the inside battling any notion of value and justice for living a privileged life, or any life at all unencumbered by egregious control, fear or physical harm. How could I enjoy, being happy or deserve any love when suffering of such magnitude was simultaneously occurring? The only way I could understand the suffering was to become the suffering. This, I understand now, is not the solution.

Though I do not proclaim to know the solution in its entirety, I do now know with absolute resolution that my internal frame of reference to have compassion and empathy without becoming the suffering is of utmost importance in carrying a higher frequency in bringing more peace into this world, and for keeping me able to function, love, laugh and be healthy.  This is important for all of the world, because again, we are all connected.

So I propose, upon reflection, to at first acknowledge the pains, sufferings, ailments and power plays that result in injustices in the world, but do not become them.

Breath peace into your lives, do not judge your neighbor, do not cause self harm or delve into self pity but rather embrace the miracle that is your existence. As you can reflect upon, with certainty, that divinity lives within you, you have the power to bring more peace into this world. Just by this. You are a peacemaker in your life, take heed and understand the enormity of the role in a laugh, in a hug and in a kiss. For these are the reckonings of the new age upon us.

Know what you are supporting in the food you eat and policies you espouse, absolutely. Understand the consequences of waste, excess and lack of respect for ourselves, the planet and our neighbors. Acknowledge if your actions, words or deeds are bringing more peace in the world or more conflict and pain, and shift them accordingly.

Let this child, whose soul I am confidant is at peace in the heavens, be a reminder of our opportunity in finding and becoming the truth of our existence, the responsibility of our incarnation; in becoming peace. 


Caitlin Hayes is a poet & global ambassador for Spiritualize Yourself, a vanguard approach to coping with pain and suffering, and embracing goods, products, ideas and techniques that do just that. For more information go to and /spiritualizeyourself You can follow this company on twitter @spiritualizeyou  and subscribe at 

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