Muddle Through or Create Lasting Change?

When the stakes are high and chips are low - what is the knee jerk perspective you hold? How is your self talk? Supporting destruction or creation? In each passing moment, each familiar tide, the journey within is always the guide. 


When what you see is not reflecting what you want, the journey to faith {and shifting the past} is what is required, not lacking the spirit of hope. The latter of which will continue to create the adversity in your life.  

So here are some tips to reignite your self talk, to shift the sub conscious limits, and to remain steadfast in your creative power.

1). Remember your successes, triumphs and challenges you have overcome. Hold the actual feeling of the victories in your mind for as long as you can. Making a list of the times you were able to do that which you dedicated yourself to doing despite any setbacks or naysayers is helpful here. The point is to re-create the feeling again to elevate your current setback (s). 

2). Call upon your intention. Imagine that in the ethereal world exists the script that you are writing. Call upon it. Taking upon number 1 expand your perspective of the current time, to revitalize your stength in creating the outcome that are for your success, expansion and abundance. 

3). Send love to all people. Release every single grudge, every vestige of jealousy, any notion that another person has it easier, better or that your edge is less than any other person. In the abundance of the world of creation, there are no limits to your aptitude, and in reaching for your own success, you must not rely on competing with anyone else's. Wish for success for all people, for there is a unlimited source of abundance for all. 

4) Reprogram your mind from believing that pain and suffering is the normal condition. Indeed, it is not. Remain steadfast in your desire for more, better, evolvement and ultimate expansion in your own experience. See the challenge as the opportunity to call upon the lasting change of who you wish to become, the change you wish to live, the leap of faith that you have be called to take. 


Caitlin Hayes, a lawyerconsultantspiritual poet, and mother invites those that resonate to believe more, deepen their faith and strive for the inner peace that is their birth right. Her e-commerce store is seeking new products for distribution, email here for more information on that or for any additional information. 

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