On Overcoming Legal Obstacles

When we are faced with seemingly daunting legal challenges we are presented with significant opportunity to re-evaluate the decisions we have been making in our lives and in our businesses.  Because, of course, the problems were drawn to us in order for us to learn some lesson or emerge into a greater person or business, as the case may be, though this may not be apparent at first blush.

First courses of action are assembling the right team of strategic thinkers to prepare your response to any legal issue, and correspondingly preparing your internal strategy of what your desired outcome will be in the matter. You can intend for favorable results in legal matters, as well as all matters of your life.

Take inventory of what precipitated the issue in the first place, take responsibility for what brought on the 'problem' in the first place. If you can highlight a chain of events, where even omission has caused a costly issue, and you can identify where you could have taken more prudent action, you are a step ahead in resolving the issue.

Look for fairness and equity in the results you are seeking. It may be that in this instance you were victimized and you being the 'victor' in the action is the fairest result, however in most cases all parties can take responsibility for the escalation of the legal dilemma. Like my mother said, I don't care who started it, we all have a responsibility to mitigate it from escalating.

Resolve to learn from the situation and leave behind no ill will. It serves not you or your adversary to create a slime campaign actively or passively. Resolve to understand the opposing side in order that you may walk away with a little more pep in your step for taking the high road in your internal dialogue regarding your external legal dilemma.

Caitlin Hayes, a licensed NY attorney is called upon by her clients when stakes are high, and resolutions are necessary. Incorporating mediation, intentional work, responsibility, and traditional legal methods of litigation she guides her clients to at first getting to the root of the issue and then carving out a path to remediate it so that the lesson can be learned and hopefully not repeated. Ultimately all challenges, legal and otherwise, are calls for excellence and greatness. Caitlin also coaches and supports other attorneys in their quest for alignment with their values and their law practice. More information on that can be found at www.facebook.com/spiritualcle

This can be construed as attorney advertisement and is therefor governed by NY Rules of Ethics. Caitlin's website is www.caitlinhayeslaw.com and for more information on her services her email is caitlinhayes.esq@gmail.com

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