Intentional Momentum & Inspired Success

Tuning into and uncovering your incarnational purpose may seem nonsensical to some, but the ultimate gauge of ones success will be the feelingof fulfillment that one has with their actions, interactions, work load, and chosen industry, in effect the place by which their skills are most utilized, their alignment is clearly realized, and their resultant effect is greatest i.e. their incarnation purpose. 

In ascertaining ones souls purpose it is useful to consider the following:

1) What makes you come alive? What can you read about, think about, speak about for countless hours? In what subject does self consciousness and doubt fall by the wayside, and your mind come alive with vision, ideas and possibilities?

2) What are triggers for you? When do emotions run high for you? Is it environmental? Animal rights? Human Rights? Underneath the emotions lies a deep desire for action and attention, though your emotions may drive you away from this deep knowledge, in the quiet of your soul action is waiting to be born.  

3) When do you feel the most vulnerable? Ironically, when you are at your most vulnerable there lies an identification void that you can realize and thus understand an important piece of your puzzle. Vulnerability is an extension of dis-empoweredness, of the false notion of disconnection from divinity. In the deepest part of your self you are aware of this and exposing the feeling of vulernability can shed light on the true place of power, of your power, which manifests through your incarnational purpose. 

Thread by thread, the intention of living with purpose unfolds and momentum is solidified. A place of inspiration ensues where creation, divinity and your purpose are fully aligned.  

Believe that you are a vessel for uniquely inspired creation,  and tip the probability of realizing it


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Caitlin Hayes is the founder of Spiritualize Yourself, an E-Commerce Store for your Soul. She is a poet, spiritual development coachbloggerconsultant and attorney who sources fairly trade products, advises on cross border transactions and lives a life full of purpose. 

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