Worried? Here is the One Thing Worry Despises..

We all go through tense times of stress, worry and uncertainty. The what if's plague our decision making and sense of peace. The idea of what may befall us can overwhelm any legitimate intentional work, goal setting or strategy planning, in short, worry can stagnate us and even reverse progress we have made.  

So what is the one thing that worry despises ?? Faith, of course. And faith not in the one outcome you are deeply wishing for, but rather faith in the deeper interplay of your life. The certainty of survival at its core, and the belief for abundance at its most determined. 

In order for faith in our outcomes to be steadfast, we must clear out any behaviors or actions that may conflict with the intention of all works out well, i.e. don't cause any pain to anyone or to yourself. Live with dignity, integrity and kind tidings to all. Reverse any thinking patterns that do not align with this. Acknowledge that notions of separation of you to others are antithesis to faith, and in effect breed worry. Accept that faith in positive outcomes for you, mustn't be at the expense of someone else's falling. 

So when choosing faith and releasing worry, which can be quite comfortable and embedded in your psyche, you must actively elevate your thought process. This extends to business, parenting and all interpersonal relationships. Releasing the need to know, delving into the state of faith and excusing yourself from perpetuating pain brings you into a new frontier of actively living in peace

Don't worry and Be Happy. 


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