Your Happiness is Never For Sale - Here's Why

Recently I came to terms with a very challenging period of my life. I was lucky enough to have confronted and then accepted less than stellar decision making on my end, and most acutely, a lack of ability to love unconditionally. Not only of myself but of another.  Here is what I learned.

1) Acceptance can be synonymous with forgiveness. Surely there may be stages to this, but at its base core of acceptance must come forgiveness. Because deep acceptance is an understanding of the fallacy of control, and exposes the truth that all pain stems from lack of love of self or others - the separation fallacy. 

2) Hindsight is redundant and uncharacteristic of relative truth. When we judge ourselves of mistakes or shortcomings we had, its important for context to spring. What was your state of consciousness at that time. What plagued you? What were your inner battles at the time?

3) What did you learn to have made it, both the action and afterthought (or after thinking) all worth while. What was the lesson that you had received, had you garnered the underlying opportunity to evolve your spirit, quench your understanding or liberate yourself from painful associations? 

In recounting context, be kind to yourself. In recounting the lessons, be wise as to its current applications. In delving deeper into acceptance for any shortcoming be conscious that accepting all that is, as it currently is, is a very important phase in liberating yourself from painful associations, and from painful memories and from the painful delusion of separateness. 

Happiness is not an ideal or experience. It is a state of being. One that you cannot purchase through diamonds, clothing or experience. And generally the notion of happiness as gratification falls short as to its core. To be in a state of peace far transcends any temporal experience. To be at peace is to be liberated, accountable and accepting of all that is whilst striving to deepen the peace around you. Happiness at its deepest intention, is a consequence of peace.

Here are some things to cultivate your choice of peace.. 


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