Moments are the Jewels of LIfe

Yes even in a moment you are challenged, it is a jewel of your life.

All things that happen to you are opportunities to learn a new lesson, and beyond that, to learn that the purpose of your life and your goals is realized in every single given moment. Sounds pretty dramatic, however, it is true.

We have opportunities to change our conditioning only in a given moment. Only when you actually are at bat with the emotion/perspective can you alter it. Your preparation and practice are useful in setting up the stamina to apply it in the moment, but nonetheless it is the application in a given moment that will either build up our momentum for peace and acceptance, or continue the challenge of negative self talk, resistance or the inevitable conclusion of not understanding this concept - and hence, dealing with the relative problematic consequences.

So enjoy this short reminder as you read this today. The only way you can change your experience, or perspective, is to allow a moment to exist as it is. Without qualification or judgement. Through this space, you can divinely be reminded or prodded of the shortcomings to address inside of you - the limiting beliefs, the damaging self talk or the relative angst- that needs to shift and that could absolutely benefit from some divine love. This divine love is always there ready to access - it is you that must access it.

Our heart is a great place to reside in the moment if you need some support in doing so

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