Our Pain Will Heal: Inner Work Required

The hatred that has lived in the shadows, and in the subconscious, is being brought to the light in the United States. Its not as though it is original pain, it is a pain body that has existed for millenia, perhaps longer. It is also not as though it has lived exclusively in the shadows, we have seen the clashes, the victims and the perpetrators in our families, communities and the world. The cycle has continued. The feelings of inferiority of many classes has subconsciously continued the pain. The insecurities of many fascist groups, has immobilized their agendas. The lack of connection to divine, has rooted these issues in our collective unconscious.

Now we must accept things as they are. We should embrace this opportunity to unleash the pain and forgive, cathartically. Harken the new life that is upon us here in this country, and by extension, the world.

The root of this may be many, but the solution is only one.

Erasing the delusions of class, race, gender, and unifying in a common spiritual base of connectivity and divine purpose of ascension from our current reality, to the new reality of peace on earth. This is the time. And we are the creators of it.

All of the pain, racism, inequities have been here. The deep shadows have now been exposed. Now we cast light. Now we intend for healing. Now we forgive ourselves, and each other and chart a new destiny. A destiny of peace, both in our inner and outer worlds.

In order to transmute the hell on earth, we must at first accept our experience of it personally, forgive our experience personally and then ascend beyond it. It starts on the inside. It can always only start there.

Then you join in unison with other like minded brothers and sisters. Then we watch our delusions fall apart, and peace, justice and equality shall reign supreme now and forevermore. Believe in your completeness. Believe in your divine purpose. Believe in peace on earth, and create it. Starting from the inside out.




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