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On Overcoming Legal Obstacles

When we are faced with seemingly daunting legal challenges we are presented with significant opportunity to re-evaluate the decisions we have been making in our lives and in our businesses.  Because, of course, the problems were drawn to us in order for us to learn some lesson or emerge into a greater person or business, as the case may be, though this may not be apparent at first blush. First courses of action are assembling the right team of strategic thinkers to prepare your response to any legal issue, and correspondingly preparing your internal strategy of what your desired outcome will be in the matter. You can intend for favorable results in legal matters, as well as all matters of your life....

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Intuition, Guidance and Decision Making

 How do you make decisions? Do you use your gut, basic instinct? Do you make pros and cons lists? Do you weigh out the strategies and then take a leap? Or do you let decisions happen to you, watching the clock tick and the non-action to be a decision itself?  Living a purposeful life includes living a life full of intention, and purposeful decisions to be made. So how then can we align our life with decisions that have purpose, how can we alter the current experience, and current gambit of decisions, in order that we may bring our fulfillment to the forefront of our experience and be faced with better, more fulfilling decisions.  Get clear: Dig Deep. What are the prods and...

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Value of our Lives, All of Our Lives

With the viral photo of that poor baby who drowned whilst seeking refuge haunts each person who views it, perhaps a way for us to cope with the overwhelming emotions, confusion and the disbelief is to literally spiritualize ourselves, our perspective and point of reference for global politics, inequities and overall non justices that are prevalent everywhere and within all of us. There is a controversial perspective that I have learned to espouse which states that all suffering we experience is derived from lack of acceptance, resistance to what is and denial of connectivity of all things, and by extension connectivity to Divine. As a result of many years as a student of international politics, human rights violations and humanitarian warfare (or lack thereof), I...

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