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Our Pain Will Heal: Inner Work Required

The hatred that has lived in the shadows, and in the subconscious, is being brought to the light in the United States. Its not as though it is original pain, it is a pain body that has existed for millenia, perhaps longer. It is also not as though it has lived exclusively in the shadows, we have seen the clashes, the victims and the perpetrators in our families, communities and the world. The cycle has continued. The feelings of inferiority of many classes has subconsciously continued the pain. The insecurities of many fascist groups, has immobilized their agendas. The lack of connection to divine, has rooted these issues in our collective unconscious. Now we must accept things as they are....

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The Death of the Fear Monger Within

Whatever your political affiliations, or despite them, it is you individually that reckons with your emotions. You individually that comes to terms with them, and you that lives the outcome that spawns from them. Your impact over yourself is definite. Your impact over the experience you have is undeniable. Your perspective is one that is chosen by you, whether you are liberated enough to understand that or not, the consequence of that is inevitable. If you choose peace, and healing, you will bring about it in your life. Now this choice is one that requires action. It requires attention to your words, beliefs and associations. It requires a liberation from times past, predications to come, and a deep commitment to...

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Your Happiness is Never For Sale - Here's Why

Recently I came to terms with a very challenging period of my life. I was lucky enough to have confronted and then accepted less than stellar decision making on my end, and most acutely, a lack of ability to love unconditionally. Not only of myself but of another.  Here is what I learned. 1) Acceptance can be synonymous with forgiveness. Surely there may be stages to this, but at its base core of acceptance must come forgiveness. Because deep acceptance is an understanding of the fallacy of control, and exposes the truth that all pain stems from lack of love of self or others - the separation fallacy.  2) Hindsight is redundant and uncharacteristic of relative truth. When we judge ourselves...

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