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Our Pain Will Heal: Inner Work Required

The hatred that has lived in the shadows, and in the subconscious, is being brought to the light in the United States. Its not as though it is original pain, it is a pain body that has existed for millenia, perhaps longer. It is also not as though it has lived exclusively in the shadows, we have seen the clashes, the victims and the perpetrators in our families, communities and the world. The cycle has continued. The feelings of inferiority of many classes has subconsciously continued the pain. The insecurities of many fascist groups, has immobilized their agendas. The lack of connection to divine, has rooted these issues in our collective unconscious. Now we must accept things as they are....

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When hatred of self, leads to acts of terror.

The conversation of redemption, acceptance and liberation of strictures of societies, religions and organized systems need to be had in order that freedom can ring and the unearthing of our true divine nature may shine through these harden cries of "my way or no way".  The way to your happiness, is never through lambasting or harming another. Period. You will never find peace while holding onto hatred, or deep seated judgments towards any other being. It is antithesis to inner peace. And if you dig deep enough, you can identify the hatred of self, the judgments you had been victim to, the disappointments you have faced, the emotional struggles you have succumb, to see that your externalizing 'self-hatred' as ridicule, judgements...

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