What do you have to go through before you find peace?

As life unfolds, and journeys clarify, especially between soul contracts, you are left to see where chaos ends, and calm begins.  Or more aptly put, you are left to choose when chaos ends, and calm begins.

How chaotic times can be soulfully cathartic.

Lets firstly distinguish between external chaos and internal chaos. As we rarely have carte blanche control over what happens on an immediate external level (though we change it when we change our internal chaos), we have a real time benefit in diminishing our internal chaos. 

Through inner chaos we are left to find the parameters of our boundaries. We are able to go beyond the limits of our experience to date and decide what is the mode by which we will live our lives. In Chaos we are able to make a choice. Namely, to stop the chaotic feelings inside of you. Sometimes the external chaos can exist but singlehandedly we can stop the chaos on the inside and become calm; To Become Peace.

And what does it take to stop the internal chaos? The resistance to what is? The disappointments in what wasn't? The truth is, it takes whatever personally it will take. It takes chaos, and pain, and confusion. It takes heart brake and loss and acceptance. It takes as long and as hard as you require. 

As we choose inner peace and release the chaos of anxiety, negative thinking, and control over expectations and people, we begin to live in calm. In calm we can orchestrate our life in a sequence that best reflects our highest best interest. In calm we are able to fully live in the magic of life. In calm, we become peace. And that peace permeates through our lives and inspires others to choose the same. Choose inner calmness. Become peace. 


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