What is the point of Spiritualizing Yourself?

When the world seems delusional and sick, and pathetic and weak what is the point of choosing the path of peace, when it seems so much easier to join people in the unconscious chatter, in judging and blaming in victim hood and passivity?

Short answer: Its better for your future.

Long answer: In this moment all is being adjusted and created according to your feelings and emotions for your life. While we all have the triggers for our pain body, our emotional story,  our reminders of pains of past, we are single handedly in control of constantly being aware of this, bringing light into this, and transcending beyond our triggers.

We are the magicians in the transmutation of our story. Literally, and is always the case, in each thought, deed and action we are perpetuating pain, or liberating ourselves from pain and entering peace.

So acknowledge the triggers to judgement and choose to separate yourself from them. Breathe deep into knowing the quiet within is the only way out from being the reactor of life; for being used and abused by the unconscious, pain body and others needs for energetic focus (others need for sustenance of their status quo with your energetic focus).

Staying firm in your peace, awareness of your limiting judgements of others, and commitment to transcendence of external conditions as the false source of power. Power comes from stillness. Power comes from calm. Power moves through those that do not resist its flow. That acknowledge their divine assignment, and honor their code of accountability. The goals of the spiritual seeker, are worthwhile and true, they will guide you beyond the confines of the you.


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