When hatred of self, leads to acts of terror.

The conversation of redemption, acceptance and liberation of strictures of societies, religions and organized systems need to be had in order that freedom can ring and the unearthing of our true divine nature may shine through these harden cries of "my way or no way". 

The way to your happiness, is never through lambasting or harming another. Period.

You will never find peace while holding onto hatred, or deep seated judgments towards any other being. It is antithesis to inner peace. And if you dig deep enough, you can identify the hatred of self, the judgments you had been victim to, the disappointments you have faced, the emotional struggles you have succumb, to see that your externalizing 'self-hatred' as ridicule, judgements and hatred of others is delusion, extended outwards. You continue to perpetuate the pain inside of you, you do not allow the maturation to peace. Consider this when faced with a feeling of judgments towards other, or in the moments of seeming clarity that your inequity or disgust for another 'group' actually promotes your cause. It never does, and it never can. It merely continues the inner drama and self hatred that plays out again and again until it is resolved. Until you choose to resolve it. 

Strive for inner peace, not outer manifestations of self hatred. Accept yourself, forgive yourself and move through this journey remaining accountable for your behavior, words and deeds. And cease the perpetuation of needless suffering to counter the loose ends in your emotional space. Heal the pain and live in peace. 

Because inner peace is the most valuable possession, experience, and existence that one may become. 

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