The Light in Lawyering

As attorneys we are constantly challenged with balancing the problems in our own lives, with the problems of our clients. Issues upon issues, challenges upon challenges, and opportunities for transformation at every single turn, not only for the attorney but also for the client.

Caitlin Hayes, ESQ, fulfills a special role for her clients and is supporting the transcendence of perspective within the law community. A modern day alchemist; Choosing to transcend the chatter of negativity of her clients and colleagues and bringing together her expansive skill set to evolve herself and the profession into the state of healing, wisdom and inherent intuition and justice that the original state of lawyering necessitates. All the while creating the space for revitalization in her clients lives, evolution of perspective and peace based decision making. 

 If you, as a prospective client, want to be represented from a higher perspective please reach outDomestic matters included matrimonial, estate planning, SME, contracts and negotiations. International matters include sales agreements, joint ventures and cross border transactions. 

Any attorneys or legal professionals interested in reclaiming their peace in their lives and professions, also reach out. She has organized a coaching system for attorneys that crave peace within their lives and profession. It has become a misnomer : lawyer and peace but it needn't be so. Join in reclaiming the legal profession. In doing so, we will instrumentally support peace in the lives of our clients and ourselves. 



Caitlin Hayes is a lawyerpoetconsultant and inner peace advocate. She lives in Greenwich, CT with her family and wishes to support the evolution of peace in this world, and knows this begins with one-self at a time. Her book of poems, My Heart Breathes, anticipated for an April release, can be purchased here for pre-order. 

This is an attorney advertisement governed by NY Rules. Please email or call (914) 719 6945 for all inquiries. 

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