Dig Deep - Even for Traffic Violations

When you are faced with a legal dilemma, even when you are the perceived victim, there are great lessons to learn for the benefit of your evolution.

For example: If you are again pulled over for a traffic infringement, speaking on your cell phone while driving, and you find yourself again awaiting your court appearance hoping the judge will find sympathy on your, repeated, misstep and hoping the mitigating circumstances will sway the facts in your favor

You have to miss work, you perhaps have to pay for attorney fees if you are being represented, and you have to spend time waiting. Why did this happen to you? Why did you have to encounter a possible perceived needless time and money waste?  

Well for starters, what other areas of your life are you potentially engaging in behavior that disregards apparent obligations? Is there a trend for you to acknowledge and take responsible for? Perhaps your immediate dilemma is a pause for consideration to avoid a greater problem. Perhaps the time has come for you to take inventory of ways to improve yourself, ways to bring less judgement into your perspective; more acceptance and less resistance. 

The  root of all of your problems, literally, is whatever lesson you are required to learn at that particular time to bring you to a heightened place of responsibility, closer to complete alignment with your truth and purpose. Learn the lessons presented to you through your dilemmas as rapidly as possible so you needn't repeat the undesirable experiences. 


Caitlin Hayes is an NY attorney who represents businesses and individuals in various practice areas. She also coaches attorneys, and professionals in bringing more peace into their professional practices. 

More information on her law practice can be found at www.caitlinhayeslaw.com and on her coaching endeavors at www.spiritualcle.com.

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