So, Counselor, You Want To Be Happy?

I often acknowledge to myself the choice I have in any given situation.  The choice for peace or the choice for adversity. And keep in mind I am an attorney. As a class of people, adversity in our profession has been customarily integral. 

The truth of the matter is, that each and every choice perpetuates either the development of chaos or comfort, ridicule or encouragement, freedom or enslavement. In context of a choice of an iced or regular coffee this may seem a bit esoteric, I understand, but even then the intentions behind this decision may reveal to you many things. (Examples of choice herein include paper vs. plastic waste; being in a rush; looking for enjoyment; cost factors, etc.)

Let's look at pain here. It is not the physical pain, but it often may result in that sort of pain. It is the discomfort and counter intuitive basis by which we engage in altercations, judgements, tirades, hedonism or rage. It is the residual effect of not living from love and acceptance. It is the antithesis of 'being happy' as we often make reference.

And happiness, in my summation, may be a result of living a life of peace, but it is not the necessary end of such behavior. Living a life with peaceful reactions, peaceful self talk, and peaceful interactions with other people, and sentient and non sentient beings alike, is the quest of our temporal idea of happiness. Happiness is the color while peace is the eye by which we perceive that color.


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