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It's Friday in mid-August. The evenings are getting cooler, and the heat has lost its bite. While we have a few weeks before September arrives with its expectations and fervor, we can take the time to assess what internal structure is driving our business and overall personal development. 

For starters, how have your reactions been as of late. Are you tempered? Are you level headed? Do you have any latent stressors that rear their head in otherwise copacetic circumstances? Are you clear about your vision and growth for the next quarter and year?

Let's take this time to utilize an often used mental strategy I play out.  A challenge to make sure you are indeed doing everything in your power to live the life you want, which includes having a business that you love and that loves you. 

Firstly, have you checked in? Have you a daily routine in place by which you clear you mind, i.e. meditate? Visualize, affirm and intend in your work, results, client acquisition or retention.

Secondly, do you have a nice agenda book/journal that you keep near you at all times to jot down random (inspired) ideas or supplemental deal making strategies?

Thirdly, have you granted your self access to your ever flowing boundless creativity. Have you taken to the paints or coloring anytime of late? Written creatively in your journal? Played a game of imagination with your children?

Fourthly, have you taken an honest assessment of what accomplishments you have made, and what further goals you can fulfill. Have you taken inventory of the possibilities that exist for you or your business, whether probable or not, in order to inspire your direction and motivation.

Fifthly, have you begun to clear, and take account for any blockages that are present in your life. Have you sought out the multitude of therapies, and alternative techniques available to forgive, release and move on from any traumas, disappointments or repeat shortfalls you have revisited in your life.

As my father once told me, success is not measured by glory or accolades in one area of your life, but by the totality of all the areas of your life in good firm (happy?) standing.

Caitlin Hayes is a professional development advocate & coach, an attorney and international consultant.  She supports and guides her clients in whatever capacity she is working to reap the benefits of their experiences, and tune into their goals and the blocks undermining them.   More information can be found at her executive & attorney coaching website   Her law website can be found at & her consulting site at 

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