Faithful Awareness in the Art of Business

Oftentimes, the intersection of traditional business coaching and spiritual development coaching is non existent, but it needn't be so. There is a silent harmony to any deal, that once its tapped into, results that are in the best interest of all parties involved can be achieved.

Take for instance a real estate transaction, a short sale. The seller wants out, the bank wants money paid back on its presumably defaulted loan and the buyer wants a good deal. If all three parties are intending for themselves to win as a separate from the whole deal to win, they may cash in short term, but lose out on referrals or good 'karma' in the next deal. Instead choosing to view a deal as a communion of parties for their highest good, and their mutual financial benefit shifts the energy into one of spiritual nature vs. a competitive one. Once you ease the flow to a deal, the harmony is able to synchronize  and the temperament of the parties shifts. Enlightening your business ethos also brings more space for peace internally, as stress of any transaction cannot coexist with ease.

Experiment with lightening your load in business, and allowing more for the highest good of all parties involved to harmonize into the deal. Certainly it alleviates stresses associated with certain transactions and allows for business good to come to you period, from intended and from unintended avenues. Most importantly it aligns you with your highest good and purpose, and keeps your thoughts and intentions clean and clear.  This allows you to reap more favorably results in all areas of your life, because that which we sow, we also reap.


Caitlin Hayes is an attorney, executive business coach, attorney coach and spiritual development coach among other ventures she is involved with. More information can be found at the following websites ,, & 

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