Lawyering From the Soul

As many legal practitioners may attest, certain representations literally take a little piece of your soul. The unconscious in the world extends to the court room, from the issues that are in need of representing, to the way by which practitioners choose to represent them. The deep pain and suffering of many members of our communities can seep into our own lives unless we have a definite means of centering ourselves, releasing others experience from our own, and understanding our duty of cultivating inner peace. And, of course, understanding how to cope and transcend beyond pain and suffering in our own lives. 

At Lawyers Gone Google, we are revamping our brand to reflect our inner most desire: To assist lawyers in their evolutionary process. To inspire attorneys to choose transcending beyond their skills, their clients and their workload to a higher dimension of law practice. Lawyers can change the world through changing their inner conversation with themselves, and creating the space for their clients in doing the same.

Alas, our special coaching program is designed to assist attorneys in identifying their blocks to their own spiritual practice, and supporting them in allowing higher dimensions to interplay within their legal work. The vision of lawyers implementing the principles of peace and transforming the lives of their clients, and by extension society at large, is our linchpin. Give the spiritual coaching a chance. At the very least, learning ways to cope and relief stresses in our profession empowers our lives, and protects our selves from succumbing to the pitfalls of energy transfers.

Email today ( to set up your free consult and see if spiritual coaching from lawyers to lawyers can change your perspective, practice and peace in your lives. 



 Caitlin Hayes is an attorney, spiritual poet, international business consultant andattorney confidant, social content writer & marketer. 

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