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Dig Deep - Even for Traffic Violations

When you are faced with a legal dilemma, even when you are the perceived victim, there are great lessons to learn for the benefit of your evolution. For example: If you are again pulled over for a traffic infringement, speaking on your cell phone while driving, and you find yourself again awaiting your court appearance hoping the judge will find sympathy on your, repeated, misstep and hoping the mitigating circumstances will sway the facts in your favor.  You have to miss work, you perhaps have to pay for attorney fees if you are being represented, and you have to spend time waiting. Why did this happen to you? Why did you have to encounter a possible perceived needless time and money waste?   Well for starters, what other areas...

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The Confessional: Opportunity in Client/Attorney Confidentiality

As every practicing lawyer can attest, there is a sort of confessional experience between themselves and their clients. The moments when a client finally feels safe to divulge various evidence, facts or inferences of a case, that may or may not be relevant to the attorney under the guise of practical (though in some specific instances not so) absolute confidentiality. The relief of the client is enormous and the burden of action, advise and resolution shifts to the attorney. We can wonder how priests feel when they are similarily poised with information in the rawest uncontroverted nature because the confessor understands or believes that in almost all instances such information cannot be used against them, instead will be used to...

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The Light in Lawyering

As attorneys we are constantly challenged with balancing the problems in our own lives, with the problems of our clients. Issues upon issues, challenges upon challenges, and opportunities for transformation at every single turn, not only for the attorney but also for the client. Caitlin Hayes, ESQ, fulfills a special role for her clients and is supporting the transcendence of perspective within the law community. A modern day alchemist; Choosing to transcend the chatter of negativity of her clients and colleagues and bringing together her expansive skill set to evolve herself and the profession into the state of healing, wisdom and inherent intuition and justice that the original state of lawyering necessitates. All the while creating the space for revitalization in her clients lives, evolution of perspective and peace based decision making. ...

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