Mothering As Though God Is Watching

One of the most transformative spiritual practices I have incorporated into my mothering is without a doubt, stewardship. The notion that as a steward for their well being, not as a property owner, I am always under scrutiny. And not from my neighbors or my mother, but from my God. And such scrutiny is not unwarranted or overburdensome, it is integral to my role, to my stewardship, as a mother. And to put it all on God would not do justice to our co-creative power. I scrutinize myself, in the most empowering, liberating, accountable way possible. 

You can always be overwhelmed or calm. You can always accept strength or level out to weakness. Believe me, first hand, as a single mother of 5 children and only having a self created support system, this was one of the most powerful decisions I ever made. Once you set the standard high, you will be extremely cherished by your children, and be setting the example deep in your heart you want to. 

So though mothering isn't easy, when we are granted the privilege of being entrusted with these sweet little angels, we must elevate our interpretation of our duty. 

I am commencing a 7 day course, to commence March 11 to live in Grace with your Mothering. To Use your Mothering as your most sacred spiritual Practice. Registration is now open. 

We have the power to transform the next generation to be peace based, pure and at ease with creation. 


If you are interested Find Out More Here : .


If you know someone else who may be please share. 


 Cheers to Enjoying, Learning and Transforming Within Our Mothering. 




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