Discovering Your Limits, Thresholds & Power Points

What do you do when seeking inspiration? When prepping for an undesirable task or coaching yourself through an undesirable results? Or even when strategizing to a new threshold? 

Here are some tangible suggestions for doubling-up, i.e. using a task as an opportunity to celebrate your self and your journey along with spearheading through its challenges. 

1) Choose Celebration. The word and concept is usually associated with special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and the like, but choosing celebrations even in our shortcomings is cause for empowerment. Celebrate your ability to be discouraged. Celebrate the possibility to be wrong. Celebrate the triumphs you have won and the losses that have brought great opportunities. And celebrate your cognition. Then celebrate the highest virtue in current consideration and with integrity and dignity carry through. 

2) Identify the rabbit hole. Then steer clear away from it. Whether it be troublesome thinking patterns, associating your true value with success or failure, or your allowance of other peoples opinions to be so entrenched with your own opinions of self, that free will is clouded.  Identify and release. Repeat often. 

3) Flip the script. There are always (at least) 2 sides to a story. When you replay a scenario or make your associations to a chain of events, imagine that you are a third party. Objectify the issues that you need reinvigorated. And then classify. In your mental classification system identify the most empowering 'tags' and then move on. Find Inspiration in at first breaking free from disempowering cycles and at second organizing thoughts and associations. 

4) Delve deep into Divinity. As empowering and inspiring as any third party may be, nothing can compare to the incessant glory of nature, art or inner peace. Inspire yourself through lighting a candle, a stick of incense and some calming music and 15 minutes. See how inspired you are afterwards. 



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