4 ways to Get Into Your Peaceful Groove


Here are 4 ways to do that:

1). Honor your weaknesses. Ultimately what was weak in you can be your greatest teacher. Your weaknesses gave you pause, forced introspection, and humanized you. Honoring the experience loosens the grip of the painful part of the journey and lifts up the triumphant overcoming. This is where compassion and empathy of self and others is born.

2.) Celebrate your journey. Why personally I choose to spiritualize my experience is because I find it empowering and peaceful to do so. When you see your life as an extension of your soul's quest for experience and knowledge, and you view your personal narrative as such, it liberates you from the confines of your experience. To celebrate your journey, even the less than glamorous portions, releases the stigmas and brings you to a place of presence. The all knowingness of acceptance, peace and deep understanding that all things play a role in your evolution lifts you to a higher plane of existing.

3.) Change mistakes or regrets into lessons learned. When we take responsibility for our less than stellar choices, we are able to create a new story. One where our missteps serve as our motivation for improvement, and our acknowledgement of our creative power strengthens our resolve to do good and be good. Our newly accounted for actions, words and deeds can energetically mitigate any damage done to ourselves or others.

4.) Laugh at your self. Lovingly. We are in a divine comedy. Comic relief is at every turn. Non malicious irony and coincidences should provide respite, and lighten your load and your heart. Invite the joy into your life and let your heart breathe a great sigh of relief. You are safe, you are loved, and you are evolving into something greater than before. Own it.


Caitlin Hayes is a attorney, social media marketer and spiritual development coach. Reach out if she can be of assistance to you.

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