Overcoming Adversities

As many of us have learned, in order to overcome adversities one must remain steadfast in their vision, in the belief of their aptitude, relative good nature, and to whatever extent their faith that all will turn out ok, 'this too shall pass' mentality which is somehow rooted in most people. 

How do we hasten this process in order that we have a more immediate direct imposition of results when adversities confront us. These adversities may not be literal, they may (and often are) images created in our mind in order to set us off track the self saboteur hard at work. Bringing discipline into your daily routine as illustrated below is very useful. 

I am currently in the process of implementing a more regimented approach to achieving our goals despite the usual triggers of perceived defeat, and wanted to share it with anyone that it may resonate with. This is not re-created by any means but is useful nonetheless.

1) When the feeling of defeat or despair falls upon you (no matter the degree or extent) pause to breath into the space around it. Acknowledge it's existence and purpose of getting you off track, and eagerly disavow its importance and credence.

2) Focus again on what your goal isgo into the specifics of this goal. Is it a new home? Imagine and visualize the floors, kitchen and bathroom. Is it a new client? Imagine the satisfaction in providing a service to a client who appreciates your talents and willingly pays your rates to receive them.

3) Remember the feeling of achieving any significant goal in the past and relish in those feelings of pride, accomplishment and pure satisfaction you had. Whether it was getting a diploma, achieving a physical feat like a marathon, or getting through a bad break up. The resounding feeling of persevering, of overcoming and of seeing something through to the endWhat didn't kill you indeed made you stronger. Remember that.

4) Returning to your vision of the goal that you have and lovingly remind yourself that if a vision entered into your mind, surely it is more than possible to materialize that vision into the matter that surrounds you. If a thought was borne in your mind that positively expands your purpose, makes your life flow more easily, and brings more abundant joy and passion into your life, this vision shall come to fruition. Stay steadfast. And with gratitude, and in silence, ask your highest self, intuition, G-d, Allah, or a fairy godmother (whatever serves you) to inspire your actions and thoughts to actualize this vision.

5) Have faith and carry out each and every task in your life with the intention of achieving your ultimate goal having faith that each individual action, intention and thought is guiding you there.


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