Bringing Divinity into Your Business Model

To know the inner workings of the most successful business people, is to know the power of intuition, inspired action and faith into the unseen. Where these lack, so lacks the growth potential and overall satisfaction one has in their business.

There is, with certainty, the intersection of business and divinity. To harken this into the conscious level of your humanity, opens your self to inspiration, guidance and allowance for the unfoldment of your purpose driven business accomplishments and goals.

Some realizations to consider:

A) Meditation makes for happier, healthy people and more successful businessesHere is a link to a children introduction to meditation which is simple and basic for adults as well.   Mediation and prayer also open yourself up to inspired action, divine intervention and deeper sense of peace in your life- which is the place of purposeful decisions vs. reaction, anxiety or fear.

B) Overall satisfaction with business is increased exponentially when a feeling of purpose is injected into the business persons intentions. To look at your business as a contributing factor to the betterment of peoples lives, to adjust your business accordingly, or to change your business into one that is aligned with your core beliefs of wanting to participate in peace, health and public betterment are keys to developing this realization.

C) You cannot take your business or wealth with you when you pass away. What you do indeed take with you is the evolution you accomplish with your souls purpose, take it seriously. Your aptitude in connecting with your divine is a core purpose of your incarnation here on earth at this time.

D) Confront your personal tragedies, and past mistakes, and heal from them. Our most immediate blocks to growth can stem from childhood trauma to past life karma, and everywhere in between. Push you comfort level to alternative forms of healing which may include, art therapy, past life regression, yoga, veganism, acupuncture and many other modules. The purpose is to intend to heal, to become whole, and open yourself up to promptings to the how.

We at Hayes International Consulting Group can make the most advanced marketing plan for you, make the introductions to intended franchisees or brands, but truthfully the largest driver in international business (and all business), especially small business, is the internal promptings of what market is craving your goods or services and what evolution you and others will accomplish by bringing them together.

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