7 Day Challenge #Spirituailzeyourself

What if I told you in 7 days you can fundamentally shift the perspective of your life?  You can empower yourself to shed the past, the belief systems that don't serve you, and the limits that have been imposed on you and by you. In 7 days you can take back accountability in your life, empower yourself and allow inspiration to direct your actions in bringing forth your best self, and your best year yet! And perhaps, as importantly, harkening into your life the inner peace that you deeply crave. 

I have authored a system that works, and its currently encapsulated in a 7 day challenge today, December 30th, its entering Day 5. I will be continuing a new cycle on January 2. Please join me. You can sign up here and listen to last nights podcast here (and directly below) for Day 4.  Day 4 was on Discipline and Commitment, and you can experience what will be in store for the next cycle. Also like my Facebook page www.facebook.com/myheartbreathes for updates on tonights show and to go back and listen to the previous days in this cycle if you are interested.  




And here is the teaser video for Day 3, a few days back is below. That topic is Faith: The full show for Day 3 can be found here


The basic version that is publicly available is gratis, and if you want to join a group that goes more in depth to each days, with a personalized coaching plan for your spiritual success please email me to find out if you qualify and can meet the terms. 

I look forward to being of service to you in your journey of spiritualizing yourself, and your perspective.  Remember, let your heart breathe!



Caitlin Hayes is a poet, lawyerconsultant and inner peace specialist. Her poetry book, My Heart Breathes, is pending publication for Spring arrival and can be purchased on pre-order here. She provides an accountable, empowering approaching to spiritual evolution, and her poetry can be read here

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