Merry-ing Your Christmas

Merriment means laughter and enjoyment.

Are you laughing and enjoying your day? What is your plan to bring more laughter and enjoyment into your whole year ahead? 

Some things for your consideration:

1). Being in a state of joy, happiness, excitement and expectation of good things, actually brings about the things that will maintain those good feelings, i.e. good things. 

2) Using your WILL as a tool in repositioning your perspective into one with alignment of the goodness of your life is very powerful. You can will yourself to see the good in every single experience and situation - even if it is in the highest good of your evolutionary unfoldment and will yourself to shift focus on less than favorable experiences/feelings.

3) Being aware of your perspective at all times, and being in a state of CONTROL over your emotions is key to having control in the inner world of your existence and thus your creative power. 

4) You can TRAIN yourself to live an empowered life. Beyond professional, personal and financial success is spiritual success. With the latter, you hold all things as you can create the former (s). 

*Remember that even though you may falter, even though fears and limiting beliefs creep up you are the master in your life. It is you who has the power to bring more love, goodness, support and laughter into your life. 

If you are interested in joining a 7 DAY Challenge, commencing December 26th at 7PM, to begin breathing with your heart, and prepare for a New Year, with a New Perspective, please sign up here.  


Caitlin Hayes is a poet, attorney, consultant and deliberate creator in her life. Join her for this upcoming challenge here. Also her poetry book entitled My Heart Breathes is available for pre order here. For more inspiration visit Spiritualize Yourself Radio Show and visit Caitlins FacebookYoutube or twitter accounts. 

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