10 Ways To Love the One You're Always With

As easy as it is to proclaim the gift of love to another on this day of marketers bliss, take the time today to remember the holy space that resides within you, always, and shine some love inwards. 


Here are some suggestions to self-love:

1) Encourage yourself, speak kindly to yourself, and about yourself

2) Allow yourself to dream. Believe in the possibility of grandeur. 

3) Acknowledge the pains and accept them. Transcend your problems with solutions. 

4) Deepen your commitment to peace

5) Reside in the moment, this moment

6) Choose to stop dysfunctional cycles in your life. 

7) Exercise- In accordance with Jane Fonda 'feel the burn' .

8) Deepen your gratitude for all things in your life. 

9) Seek teachers and know everything around you has a purpose.

10) Say I love you. To yourself. Today and everyday. Rejoice in who you are and the unique and intrinsic value you bring to this world. 


Caitlin Hayes is a poet, blogger, lawyer, consultant and marketer. Her e-commerce community, Spiritualize Yourself, brings together products that support your peace, articles that transcend your perspective and promotionsthat support your well being. Her Amazon associates handpicked items can be found here.

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