Spiritualized Wealth

Your perception and allowance of what you believe you deserve immediately transaltes into what you will indeed receive.  

So lets discuss the allowance factor (no pun intended) with money. 

From a spiritual perspective, money is energy, an interplay with all other energetic dispositions that from a dichotomist perspective is either good or bad. [As an aside, there is a deeper perspective which I espouse, but in this context lets keep it simple] 

The interesting thing about money in and of itself is its stripped from emotions as a stand alone. It is the ultimate energetic leach in this respect. You the holder, the one in charge, single handedly assign the energy to money. It is neutral. 

Money being either 'bad' or 'good' in accordance with your beliefs. How you were raised, and your level of accustomed nature to opulence or not. Ultimately your feeling of deserve-ability. Your ability to believe you deserve it, have a right to it, are entitled to it, and otherwise can manage to have it. 

So as you spiritualize your perspective of money, and of yourself, you can dig deep down to where you need to love yourself, release old patterns and ultimately forgive those who weren't capable of living up to your expectations, or your rights, and yourself for repeating that learned behavior that reared its cycle. And then retrain yourself to know that you are worthy. You are deserving. You are beautiful. You are wealthy beyond measure when you elevate your perceptions from what you see to what you are at your core level. The space between the silence

You loving yourself, you understanding your birth right of abundance, you surrounding yourself with aspirants of wealth and beauty and prestige and excellence in all forms will support you on this path.


Join me as I too, spiritualize myself. 


Some suggested books are:




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