Mothering In the Age of Impatience

The modern mother has deadlines, responsibilities and expectations unlike those of our predecessors. Things are expected a minute ago, and we tend to carry these unrealistic expectations towards our children. It befalls us to change that.
4 strategies to implement :
1) Systemization. If by now you have failed to make a nighttime routine with your younger children, and a schedule for all of them, now is the time to set up some systems for your household to run more efficiently. Children *(and all of us really) thrive within organizational systems where they know what to expect and can gauge consequences of steering off track. It is amazing how this can alleviate stress and free up time to enjoy together.
2) Delegate, delegate delegate. Our presumptions or feeding into external expectations that we have to spearhead all tasks at all times, is flawed, unrealistic and unproductive. It takes away from time that is better spent with your child and loved ones. In this era of the 'new economy' many people are available to provide part time gigs of
cleaning, picking up dry cleaning and paying your bills. Find them and hire them. 
3) Make a dedicated, commitment to connecting with your child. When you are with your child, give them the attention they crave. Listen to their concerns, ideas, and interpersonal dealings with friends. Create a space of safety and nurture their feelings. Keep this in balance with other obligations but make sure that you make eye contact with them, be empathetic to their thoughts and let them know that you value them, their ideas and feelings.
4) Don't forget that one of the primary goals of your life should include raising healthy well adjusted children. This should take precedence over any professional goal, personal goal or physical goal one can have. In doing so, we secure our place in heaven. 
What a difference the world will be when all of us mothers (and fathers) begin lessening the stressors in our busy lives in order to identify, connect and meet the emotional, spiritual and mental needs of our children. Below find a short video regarding my mom course that will be ready on in one week that will support others in this important journey.
Here's to our mothering.
Caitlin Hayes is a lawyerconsultante-commercerseo specialist,  and a mom of 5. Visit and & Also check out for promotions, offers, work at home opportunities and discount codes.   join the group for moms here: 

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