Delusive Behavior: How to Spot it and Change it

We have all experienced the ignorance is bliss idea. Pretend like something isn't there and perhaps it will just go away. While this is a part of living a healthy live, in focusing energy on things that you want, not what you don't want, the issue that needs attention is when the delusion is surrounding your own behavior, your own reactions, and your own accountability, or lack thereof. The delusion of ego vs self awareness of divine.

Notions that delusional behavioral patterns that are dysfunctional and bringing pain to yourself and others are acceptable and simply 'the way you are' need to be shattered.

Even the smallest deviation from peaceful thinking and actions are causes for introspection. Patterns are inherited from our parents, and societies we are born into and raised in. We don't choose them at birth, we assimilate them. This does not mean we are not responsible for them, for that we are.

Accountability of self, the only true way to live from your highest self and in peace, includes identifying reactions that are second nature. The knee jerk jump to anger or judgement, as much as the tender outreach of charity. All of these, as discussed in previous articles, are affected by the intention behind the actions. So even if you are working towards charitable causes, if you underlyingly believe certain classes of people should or will remain poor and you pass judgement on that - is that charity or continuation of pain? Delving deep into your psyche inspires your awareness.

When we are called to frustration and anger we need to asses why. Accountability of our actions, thoughts and deeds extends to our reactions. For it is in our reactions to circumstances that we may transform our delusional patterns and assert a new response.

There is an easy way to tell if your behavior is delusional or not. How does it feel? Where is the emotion, and reaction coming from? A place of fear or self righteousness? Or of peace and understanding and compassion?

No matter what you have inherited, assimilated or chosen in your behavioral patters, the burden of living in a state of accountability, and of the consequences, rests firmly on yourself.


Caitlin Hayes a lawyer and a spiritual development coach, supporting her clients in liberating themselves from delusions, patterns and blockages that are impairing their performance, relationships and quality of life.

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