Everyone Needs a Plan for Peace

It is so easy for us to point to figures of systemization of violence, profiling, racial and economical, and aggression of other parties. We can lament about corrupt politicians, turn of events, even the weather, but all of this is ostensible to the deepest obligation of humanity - accountability of our self and the journeys we are on. 

My question is this - What is Your Plan for Peace? Because we all need one. 

We all need a method of coping that doesn't include fast food, video games, watching TV or gossiping. A real retreat from the stress, confusion and sometimes chaotic world that surrounds us and lives within us. 

We need a path to Peace Internally. 

So Again I bring forth my 7 day challenge towards finding and maintaining inner serenity and peace. To cultivating control over our mind, thoughts and deeds To becoming our deepest hope for humanity. To become our best, highest self. 



To be liberated from thoughts, yes that is ideal
To be liberated from past, allows the clearing of free will

To be liberated from conditions, yes, that is sublime
To be liberated from limitations, you shall surely shine.

So take this away, one breath at a time
You are secure, without holding onto your mind

Your associations, your things, your limiting beliefs
Provide the comfort of self, and the constraints of your peace

In liberating you see that you must evolve beyond

For Freedom is waiting, ease and flow and delight
To direct you divinely to your joy, bliss and flight.


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To sign up for this 7 Day Challenge to Peace & Serenity email me here. Program Starts on July 13

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