We are in the Business of Your Peace

So many times in business and in life we sacrifice what we should value the most, our inner peace.

In choosing to accept a task, in executing on a project, or engaging with others, we get carried away on the 'to do's' and deny the important 'to be'. This is the key to inner peace and awareness. When we are able to deepen our understanding that what is in our lives are our lessons, we are able to more rapidly learn that which needs to be learned so that we may delve deeper into peace, understanding and accountability in our lives.  And when we bring presence and consciousness into our experience, we lighten our stressors exponentially. 

What a spiritual development coach does is supports you in identifying situations as lessons in your experience. To delineate between pain and suffering self inflicted and outstanding issues of forgiveness and acceptance required of outer experiences and people that we perceive harmed us or didn't deliver on expectations. In both instances, supporting you in healing your-self from the delusions that may plague you or lessen your quality of life.

In short, a spiritual development coach creates the space of awareness for you to shift your perspective on what 'happens' to you in your life, to a place of empowerment in understanding that it is you, through delving, bravely and accountably into your life, that has the blessings of lessons to return to your truest self. That through the pain, there is the love, and through the grief there is the peace. And through the dedication of developing a spiritual practice, you are happier, more compassionate, and at ease. 

Developing your own intuition and guidance is instrumental to a successful coaching relationship, and we also support you on your journey to recognizing your powers, strengths and connection to divine.

 Cheers to increasing the quality of your life! 

With love, Caitlin 


If you are interested in a consultation to see if coaching is a good fit email spiritualizeyourself@gmail.com. 






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