Listening With Your Heart: Change the World By Hearing it Differently

How often do we listen to a person speaking anxiously waiting to reply. Indeed maybe even formulating a response while 'listening' to the other person. Feeling the egoic urge to make your point, get your point across, paint the picture most compelling to your position, convince or even manipulate the person speaking. Contrarily, when you listen to another person from the heart elevates the communication to go beyond words into the underlying space between them.

Here is why this is important:

1) We are ultimately solution orientated beings. Generally people want to live in a conflict free life, but sometimes are stuck in patterns disallowing that. This is a way to re energize your relationships and develop a depth to your engagements with others. A famous quote of Maya Angelou comes to mind "people remember how you make them feel". Creating the quiet space of your heart to infer, interpret and understand the true conversational value being expressed, allows for a deep understanding of the needs of the other person. The needs are far outside of the scope of the conversation, but taping into the space of freedom, forgiveness and understanding (at the very least a place where being heard feels liberating and impactful) through listening with your heart far transcends your expectations, and satisfies your need to being responsive. It can also support another person in their evolution.

2) What you have to say really isn't that important anyway to the underlying success of your communication skills. Many before you and many after you will befall from this fallacy that a war of words can win a heart. Often times it is not what you say but instead how you say it that is most remembered. Your goal from an egoic level usually circles around control, power plays and exerting fear or other lower frequency methods of convincing another person that you are right. When you shift to a responsiveness that is quiet and understanding (from your heart), you are actually getting your good will across regardless of the content of the conversation. That goes much further than one can understand at first blush.

3) Because it is the right way to conversate to bring about peace in this world. How much of conflict is misunderstanding? Or preconceived notions and dysfunction cycles? Regardless of the egoic trends, when a person is speaking to you, the deepest way to show respect for humanity is to be there with your heart listening intently and quietly. The goal of this transformation of hearing beguiles the deeper notion of spiritual practice, that in each moment one is present and peaceful. Surely this sounds much better than just winning an argument.

Though, I respect oration, writing and the general use of words, I understand that much deeper in exchanges between humans is the spirit that guides us, comforts us and elevates us to new levels of peace and understanding. Try this tactic out and see if it doesnt improve the quality of your relationships.





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