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Merry-ing Your Christmas

Merriment means laughter and enjoyment. Are you laughing and enjoying your day? What is your plan to bring more laughter and enjoyment into your whole year ahead?  Some things for your consideration: 1). Being in a state of joy, happiness, excitement and expectation of good things, actually brings about the things that will maintain those good feelings, i.e. good things.  2) Using your WILL as a tool in repositioning your perspective into one with alignment of the goodness of your life is very powerful. You can will yourself to see the good in every single experience and situation - even if it is in the highest good of your evolutionary unfoldment and will yourself to shift focus on less than favorable experiences/feelings. 3)...

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Overcoming Adversities

As many of us have learned, in order to overcome adversities one must remain steadfast in their vision, in the belief of their aptitude, relative good nature, and to whatever extent their faith that all will turn out ok, 'this too shall pass' mentality which is somehow rooted in most people.  How do we hasten this process in order that we have a more immediate direct imposition of results when adversities confront us. These adversities may not be literal, they may (and often are) images created in our mind in order to set us off track the self saboteur hard at work. Bringing discipline into your daily routine as illustrated below is very useful.  I am currently in the process of implementing a more regimented approach...

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