The Certain Harvest

Many people struggle with commitments. Whether with regard to weight loss, relationships or striving for change in their lives, be it personal or professional. Why is that? Is the risk of not succeeding too great to bare? In some instances, yes.

The certain results of shifting your frame of reference in your mind to view your current experience from a spiritual perspective (i.e. spiritualizing yourself) should reassure any interested person in embarking on this golden harvest.

There are many immediate releases that occur in your life when you shift into the other realms of your experience. When you lift up your perspective, and create the space for transformation of your feelings, emotions and demands. When you pause. When you create inner stillness, the benefits immediately fall upon you.

When you begin to cultivate good thinking patterns, and release the stranglehold on old patterns that are self abusive, limiting or unrealistically negative you begin to liberate your mind into a mind that may harvest the goodness that is possible for this life. When you identify traits, tendencies or judgements you have towards others that subjectively exert dis-empowerment over others (and thus yourself), you can begin releasing them to allow for new fluidity, hope and peaceful manifestations in your life.

It is always the case, we reap what we sow. In order to deepen your understanding of reaping, understand intentions underneath the soil of your seeds, the bed of nutrients, love and belief in results. The soil of our mind must also be pure in order for us to understand and choose appropriate manifestations - those that are for our highest good and do not impose on any other people, or beings.

Practice first in cleansing your thoughts. Pause in your understanding. Reflect on your intended growth. Execute on changing. And then prepare for your golden harvest.






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