Beyond Traditional Coaching

As an innate spiritual philosopher, Caitlin engages the readers of her blogs, and listeners to her radio show to re-perceive their experience as one, spiritualized. Decreasing anxiety, stress, discontent, and eradicating fear from their lives. The healing that is inspired through accountability of actions, thoughts and deeds, is profound. It is the path to inner peace.

She also authors spiritual poetry intended to inspire moments and days for those open to receiving spiritual introspection. 

She coaches her clients to release the blockages in their emotional lives that are limiting their experience, harming their goals and thwarting their evolution. Her no nonsense approach makes excuses irrelevant, and hardships convert to opportunities.

Her showcase package inspires you to create a peaceful home, identifies ailments surrounding communications and emotional currents that are not aligning with peace.

The black Friday sale deducts $300 from this package.

Her private coaching sessions are $195 during the sale, normally $395.



Caitlin Hayes is a lawyer, a global negotiator and a peace thinker, and believes in accountability of self as the key to elevating your consciousness.

Please visit and for more blog posts, products and peaceful thinking. If you like spiritual poetry, enjoy her's here.



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Other links:,, www.spiritualizeyourself, & Attorneys For Mother Earth


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